CD LiVe in Life



This is by far the most important work of my life. In cooperation with the legendary producer IGS, we bring you twenty-four tracks split over 2 CDs wrapping up our few last years in audio :)

But to say with all honesty - this is music only for those who want to listen. For those who appreciate and love the world and what it brings them. Those who look for an authentic experience. Those who enjoy memorable melodies, cool rhythms and smooth sound. Shortly speaking - this stuff is real!

It is up to you if you're in the mood for some party beats (CD1) based on electro/r'n'b headbangers or chillout sounds (CD2) with more emotion and slightly more pop/rock oriented feel. Thank you for listening and LiVe a good Life!


Losza Vera


Where do I get it?


Buy the beautifully made, double CD album "LiVe in Life" by clicking this link.

If you are located outside of Poland, write to us at:

You can also download the mp3 version album for free.