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Losza Vera was born in 1983 in Silesia - Poland. His early years were spent in Pretoria - South Africa. Throughout his life he also lived in Katowice, Athens, Krakow and Oxford. He grew up... never ;)

At the age of eight he touched a musical instrument for the first time. It was love at first sight. During his teenage years, back in Poland he was into various types of alternative rock/metal sounds. Only later he found his love for R'n'B and electro sounds so dominant in his music today. It was also this period in which Losza devoted himself to vocals over any other intruments.

His university years were spent mostly in the studio where he had an opportunity to record and perform with notable Polish artists such as IGS, PaweĊ‚ Rurak-Sokal & Blue Cafe, Yaro, Abradab, Mezo, Lukatricks, O.S.T.R., Fokus, Robert M.

In 2007 he performed at the prestigious Sopot TOPtrendy festival. Since then Losza made several guest apperances in successful hip-hop productions, while in the meantime gathering material for his own debut album.

In 2013 his huge double CD album "LiVe in Life" finally saw the light of day and will hopefully bring you a perfect mixture of energy, joy, melancholy and awe.

In 2014 work on his first Polish album is in progress with first singles already in the mix.